There are a number of circumstances that can lead to the need for a blood cleanup service.  It is important that blood spills and/or other bodily fluid spills be handled correctly and with care.  Bodily fluids can contain create significant health risks for the people who are handling them, and proper safety precautions must be in place.  Our technicians have received training for dealing with these substances, and know how to safely handle and dispose of bio-hazardous waste.  Our team can remove, decontaminate, and dispose of any blood soiled surfaces.  Before and after pictures can be provided, and proof of proper disposal for any bio-hazardous waste will be provided.

Events that may require our blood cleanup services as follows:

  • Industrial accidents, including catastrophic
  • Suicide
  • Falls, cuts, and other non-life threatening injuries
  • Natural death

Since, unfortunately, these services are often required due to a traumatic event, our technicians are trained to handle each situation with care and compassion.  We make sure to handle the project in a manner that is as non-invasive as possible to the facility and/or family.  In addition, all charges are provided prior to any work beginning so there are no surprises.  In the event these services are required in a private residence, it is important to remember that these expenses are covered by most home owners' insurance policies.