FCS Industrial Solutions can provide on-site rescue services for any facility where trained rescue professionals may be required.  Any time a facility sends workers into a permit-required confined space, OSHA requires that adequate planning and resources be allocated to any potential rescue needs.  Simply planning to call local emergency services or fire departments does not satisfy OSHA requirements.  Our teams of trained professionals have years of technical rescue and response experience, are certified EMT's, and are fully equipped to perform confined space rescues in any environment


When a facility engineer is planning for confined space work and rescue plans, OSHA requires the following to be considered:

  1. Have all members of the service been trained as permit space entrants, at a minimum, including training in the potential hazards of all permit spaces, or of representative permit spaces, from which rescue may be needed? Can team members recognize the signs, symptoms, and consequences of exposure to any hazardous atmospheres that may be present in those permit spaces?
  2. Is every team member provided with, and properly trained in, the use and need for PPE, such as SCBA or fall arrest equipment, which may be required to perform permit space rescues in the facility? Is every team member properly trained to perform his or her functions and make rescues, and to use any rescue equipment, such as ropes and backboards, that may be needed in a rescue attempt?
  3. Are team members trained in the first aid and medical skills needed to treat victims overcome or injured by the types of hazards that may be encountered in the permit spaces at the facility?
  4. Do all team members perform their functions safely and efficiently? Do rescue service personnel focus on their own safety before considering the safety of the victim?
  5. If necessary, can the rescue service properly test the atmosphere to determine if it is IDLH?
  6. Can the rescue personnel identify information pertinent to the rescue from entry permits, hot work permits, and MSDSs?
  7. Has the rescue service been informed of any hazards to personnel that may arise from outside the space, such as those that may be caused by future work near the space?
  8. If necessary, can the rescue service properly package and retrieve victims from a permit space that has a limited size opening (less than 24 inches (60.9 cm) in diameter), limited internal space, or internal obstacles or hazards?
  9. If necessary, can the rescue service safely perform an elevated (high angle) rescue?
  10. Does the rescue service have a plan for each of the kinds of permit space rescue operations at the facility? Is the plan adequate for all types of rescue operations that may be needed at the facility? Teams may practice in representative spaces, or in spaces that are "worst-case" or most restrictive with respect to internal configuration, elevation, and portal size.

FCS Industrial Solutions can provide services for one day or for extended projects.  Contact us today to set up a site visit and evaluation.