FCS Industrial Solutions offers a wide variety of Safety Services to industries in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Fire and Hole watch are two of several services that we offer.  While these tasks may seem like a simple undertaking, they can easily become an emergency situation.  Our teams are led by professional firemen, have training, and have hands on experience in these areas.  Wheather you have a one day project or a one month shutdown, FCS Industrial Solutions is prepared to assist your company's needs. 


Fire and hole watch



Safety Consulting

Does your company put safety first?  FCS Industrial Solutions offers safety consulting in all types of industry.  Our safety team is made up of professional firemen with over 100 years of combined experience who are equipped to help implement processes and procedures of all types.  These team members have degrees in Fire Science, various training certificates, as well as thousands of hours of hands on experience.



We provide consulting in the following areas:


Confined Space Entry


Rescue Points


Extraction Plans


Emergency Response Plans


Hazmat Response


High Angle Rescue


Fire Consulting


Evacuation Routes


Personal Protective Equipment



Our team can work with your local Fire and Rescue organizations to ensure you have specific plans in place in case of any emergency.  There is no price tag on a life.  Our services are devoloped by folks who save lives and know how to implement procedures to do just that.  Give us a call to setup a consultation today!



FCS Industrial Solutions is licensed, insured, and ISNworld Certified