Busy industrial workspaces generate fine dust particles that accumulate on ceiling trusses, pipes, ductwork and fixtures, such as lighting. With enough accumulation and proper agitation, the dust falls from these high places and creates a fuel-air mixture, often suspended, throughout the work area.

An ignition source, such as a spark or open flame, could ignite the fuel-air mixture. The ignition of the fugitive combustible dust is often explosive. The greater the concentration of agitated dust, then the more powerful the explosion. Combustible dust is capable of destroying the manufacturing space and can kill anyone caught inside.

FCS Industrial Solutions provides high overhead cleaning , and safe combustible dust removal and dust explosion protection for industrial work spaces with a minimum disruption to the factory floor. There is no need to wait for the next scheduled downtime for combustible dust cleaning.

Housekeeping and OSHA Fines

FCS Industrial Solutions provides industrial cleaning solutions for a safe, healthy work environment, better facility insurance coverage terms and compliance with Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) housekeeping regulations. In addition to industrial ceiling cleaning , we provide industrial machinery cleaning, furnace cleaning and industrial kitchen cleaning in compliance with OSHA standards.

Combustible dust is a proven danger for any industry with enclosed work spaces. OSHA fines can start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for facilities found out of compliance with OSHA regulations. Fines can exceed a million dollars for larger facilities with poor industrial cleaning or housekeeping procedures.

Combustible Dust Testing

Many materials often considered hard to burn in solid form become quite reactionary in dust form. FCS Industrial Solutions provides initial dust explosion testing and evaluation to determine the danger level. Corn dust , starch dust and aluminum dust removal are essential for industries that create these byproducts. However, most dust buildup has the potential to generate an explosive fuel-air mixture.

FCS Industrial Solutions provides industrial cleaning services , industrial ceiling cleaning and warehouse cleaning services with various types of approved cleaning systems, including explosion proof industrial vacuums. We have the experience and knowhow to provide timely action at a competitive price. Learn more. Call us direct at 434-250-5901 or inquire online today.