The best rescue is the one that’s never performed. Diligence and proper planning ensure the safety of your workers and compliance with applicable state and Federal laws.

FCS Industrial Solutions’ safety teams provide professional fire and hole watch guard services for welding production and all confined space work. Our teams are led by professional firemen who have specific training and experience in industrial safety. They work with your team to ensure the safe and legal completion of your project. FCS Industrial Solutions can ensure your worker’s safety during a one day project or a one month shutdown.

As a part of your welding team, FCS Industrial Solutions’ fire watch guards ensures no smoldering fires result from the cutting or welding of metal. Our hole watch guards ensure the safety of all personnel working within a confined space. Both are an essential part of construction and industrial maintenance safety protocols.

Fire Watch

The primary duty of our fire watch personnel is to watch for hazards and sound the alarm when there is an emergency situation during welding. The alarm activation shortens the response time for emergency personnel, minimizing worker injury and project damage. Additionally, we maintain a presence during the entire work scope and check for hot spots, sparks or embers remaining after work completion. We maintain the conditions of the safety permit and can stop operations if the permit is violated. This provides time to adjust the project approach for ultimate safety and project success.

Hole Watch

Industrial personnel working in confined spaces may become trapped, hurt or unconscious in the performance of their duties. Extraction of these individuals requires special training. Our hole watch service ensures rescue personnel are notified immediately in an emergency, saving precious time for rescue.

Communication with the worker, often in a confined space such as a storage tank or between two bulkheads, is critical. Observation of the weather and potential confined space environmental factors are some observations a good hole watch service should provide. FCS Industrial Solutions provides its hole watch to maintain positive contact with the workers and immediately notify rescue if there is an issue.

FCS Industrial Solutions is licensed, insured, and ISNetworld Certified. Ask us to bid! We provide fire guard and hole guard watch services with the diligence and communication required for safe project execution at a competitive price. Learn more. Call us direct at 434-250-5901 or inquire online today.