Does your company put safety first? Providing a safe and productive work environment aids both floor production and employee morale. A safe, healthy workspace provides efficiencies that impact overall manufacturing performance and the bottomline.

Factory and worker safetyis also a big concern for Federal (OSHA) and state regulators. These agencies have the power to levy big fines for industrial workspaces found out of compliance. Avoiding industrial safety issues typically costs far more than the actual cost to correct the deficiencies. These fines can create a massive drag on profits.

FCS Industrial Solutions offers safety consulting in all types of industry. Our safety team is staffed with professional, highly experienced firemen trained to observe potential problems and investigate potential points of failure in industrial safety plans, systems and evacuation routes. Our team members have degrees in Fire Science, various training certificates, as well as thousands of hours of hands on experience.

For the best protection, our team can work with your local Fire and Rescue organizations to ensure you have specific plans in place with them in case of any emergency, and so these outside organizations know your concerns and are aware of the hazards they might face in an emergency.

We provide professional consulting and emergency planningin the following areas:

  • Confined Space Entry- Proper entry and exit from a confined space, typically for maintenance tasks.
  • Emergency Response Plans- Contingency plans for a variety of emergency industrial scenarios. These should be reviewed annually, especially if there are changes to the industrial workspace.
  • Evacuation Routes- Identification of the best escape route out of a workspace and evaluation of current plans due to changes in the workspace environment.
  • Extraction Plans-Providing the proper method and pre-positioning the equipment for a confined space extraction.
  • Fire Safety Consulting- Survey of the critical workspace areas that need additional safeguards and the mitigation flammable materials.
  • Hazmat Response-Contingency planning for the proper handling of hazardous materials in an emergency, their neutralization and management of exposed individuals.
  • High Angle Rescue-Rescue plan for individuals on a sloped surface.
  • Personal Protective Equipment - Providing the appropriate safety equipment for use in an industrial emergency.
  • Rescue Points-Areas used to mount rescue equipment in an emergency.

There is no price tag on a life. Our industrial safety consultingservices are provided by professionals who save lives and know how to implement rescue procedures to protect life.

FCS Industrial Solutions is licensed, insured, and ISNetworld Certified. Ask us to bid! We provide industrial safety consulting at a competitive price. Learn more. Call us direct at 434-250-5901 or inquire online today.